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  • Happy Easter from our family to yours! 🐰💛🐣 Stryder’s smile seriously melts my heart!!! #heisrisen #godbless
  • So, there’s this boy, he calls me mommy, he was born July 6th 2011 and he stole my heart forever! 💛 VII•VI•MMXI #tattoo #newink
  • Mixing up my leg routine and I’m loving incorporating the T-bar!! The second video is one of my all time favorite deadlifts! 💛 Double tap if you want me to post more of my workout videos!
  • Being comfortable in your own skin is one of the most important things to achieve. I’m still working on it! 💛 Acne as an adult has been one of the things that I’ve struggled with and I finally realized you have a choice whether you are gonna deal with it or handle it, it’s ok to invest in yourself! Thank you @ashbyplasticsurgery_ for helping with my chemical peel and prp microneedling treatments! They have not only changed my skin in so many ways but have helped get my self confidence back and I don’t care who you are but you can’t put a price tag on that! #priceless #skincare #ashbyplasticsurgery
  • He could make her entire world light up by just kissing her on the forehead. ❣️#myfavorite #justbecause #ilysm
  • Ok let’s try this again since my last video got blocked within 3 minutes of posting it for having music on it! 🙄 I need to figure out how all these huge fitness people I follow get to put music on their videos! 😑 If you have ideas slide em into the DMs! 😊 Anyways... my new favorite product when it’s time to exfoliate! 🧖🏽‍♀️ Makes my face feel incredibly soft!! I don’t know bout y’all but when it comes to skincare I like it simple, quick, and straight to the point or else it will not become a habit! Enjoy! 💕
@teamiblends 15% off with “SERNA15” #teamipartner #skincare
  • Babies, nursing, and competing!! FUN FACTS and maybe TMI but I wanted to let the mamas know about some myths when it comes to those three things! I hear this all the time I can’t compete cause I’m nursing! As some of you know that have followed me for a LONG time I competed for my first NPC show 6 months after having Stryder where I placed 1st place and Overall in bikini open, then I competed again when he was 12 months old at NPC USAs where I placed 3rd in Bikini C! I nursed him for his first year of life, the whole time I was competing that first year, I nursed him! I actually have a pretty funny story about show spray tan and nursing, let me know if you want me to share it in my stories! 😂 Anyways, he has NEVER drinkin ONE drop of formula in his life! People have always thought these were implants but no that was straight up milk! Swipe to see baby Michelle right before I got pregnant with Stryder, where you can see the “girls” are absent! 😂😭 I was basically a negative cup size, if you thought I EVER had boobs before Stryder, nope it was probably the best dang underwire I could buy and the insecure Michelle even wore an underwire under her sports bras to the gym cause she was so embarrassed!! 🙈 #blessher Basically, I’m trying to make the point that if you prep correctly, if you have someone that has your best interest it shouldn’t affect anything! My coaches were the best and still are 🎉❤️ @teamedge1 @joediscuillo @ingridromero1 #youcandoanything #fitmom #npcbikini #throwback
  • Holy hell I work with some seriously beautiful people! NO not on the outside (I mean that’s already obvious) I’m talking about on the inside! 💕 Yesterday was a blast these two are seriously so sweet and down to earth!